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Illinois Paternity Lawyers 


As a parent of a child, paternity is one of the most important things that you can establish to preserve your rights and the rights of your child. 


Why Establish Paternity?


There are many reasons why you should take the time to establish paternity through the courts. For a mother, establishing paternity allows you to seek child support benefits in the event that you and your child’s father are not married. 

Fathers must establish paternity in order to have certain legal rights. This includes rights to visitation or to seek custody, whether full or partial, to be involved in important life decisions impacting your child, from the choice of schools he/she attends to the healthcare providers he/she sees. 

Many professionals believe that children who know who know and have good relationships with both parents will be better adjusted.


How to Establish Paternity in Illinois


Most of the time, paternity is established at the time of a child’s birth. When the parents are married at the time of the child’s birth, paternity is assumed and the father’s name is on the child’s birth certificate. If parents are not married, then the child's parents may both sign a voluntary acknowledgement of paternity form. 

Of course, there are situations in which a man and a woman (who has given birth to a child) are in disagreement over who the biological father is. When this is the case, the child and a man who claims to be the father can undergo genetic testing to determine if he is actually the father. A court order can then establish legal paternity. 


Our Law Offices Can Help


Our experienced Illinois family law attorneys can assist you in pursuing a paternity action against another party, whether you are a mother or father who wishes to establish paternity.   Our attorneys are recognized throughout Illinois and are ready to meet with you to assess your case and provide sound legal strategies to address your situation.  Reach out today via email or call 847.868.1860 for your free consultation.

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