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Divorce and Family Law Firm Serving Chicago and Surrounding Suburbs

The professionals at Ciesla Beeler have decades of experience advising and representing clients on a variety of matters related to family law, custody (allocation of parental responsibilities), support (maintenance and child support), mediation, collaborative divorce, estates and trusts, probate, guardianships, business law and litigation.


Our extensive background allows us to provide effective strategies and cost-effective solutions that meet our clients’ goals.

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Kathryn L. Ciesla
Founding Partner

Kathryn Ciesla has a broad depth of experience in child advocacy, family law, litigation, corporate law, licensing, estate planning and administration. Her clients include children, parents, business executives, entrepreneurs and companies from a variety of industries. Kathryn’s clients have common goals – to protect their interests, assets and families.  

Jennifer Cunningham Beeler
Founding Partner

Jennifer Cunningham Beeler is dedicated to helping families in the areas of matrimonial law, guardianship, probate and estates. Jennifer has more than a decade of experience in working with clients with high net worth, complex estate plans, family businesses and foundations.  Read More

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Susan Speth
Mediator and Paralegal

Ciesla Beeler clients trust Susan to help them focus on the path ahead.  Susan works closely with each client to understand their objectives, and assemble their personalized marital balance sheet and financial affidavit.

Bunsen Honeydew
Firm Mascott

Henlo!  Bunsen Honeydew the Bernese Mountain Dog, also affectionately known as Bunsen Berner, or Bunny, makes an occasional appearance in the office.

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