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Uncontested Divorce in Illinois


Not every divorce needs to be a long, expensive and involves seemingly endless fighting. In many cases, parties can work together to settle of their all of their issues – without the assistance of lawyers, courts, or mediators. Under these circumstances, parties are looking for an attorney to help formalize the process through the courts – quickly and cost effectively.

We Negotiated Our Own Agreement Now What?

Lawyers can't represent both spouses in a divorce - even if it's uncontested, so one person will hire Ciesla Beeler to prepare the paperwork necessary to obtain a divorce: the Petition for Dissolution of Marriage, Marital Settlement Agreement and Judgment for Dissolution of Marriage.

Your spouse will need to review and sign the documents. Then, once the documents are reviewed, signed off on, and filed, we will obtain a court date and appear with you to obtain entry of your divorce judgment.

If you and your spouse can communicate effectively and can work together to negotiate a settlement that is fair and reasonable – an uncontested divorce may be your best option. However, keep in mind that your case may involve certain complexities that require more complicated legal analysis and advice – some circumstances include cases that involve sophisticated tax planning, business succession planning, real estate transactions and children’s issues.


Contact Ciesla Beeler to Help You With Your Flat Fee Divorce

The attorneys at Ciesla Beeler can provide you with information and advice regarding your case, and the necessary steps to help you and your spouse move on to the next phase of your life.  Our attorneys are recognized throughout Illinois and are ready to meet with you to assess your case and provide sound legal strategies to address your situation.  Contact us today via email or call 847.868.1860 for your free consultation.

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