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College Expenses Illinois Divorce

When Child Support Ends College Payments Should Begin

Child support terminates when a child turns eighteen or graduates from high school, but a parent’s obligation for support does not always end at that time.  Illinois law states that divorced parents have a continuing obligation to contribute to their child’s “post secondary” education, which means college, vocational school, or other training the child undergoes after high school.

What do College Expenses Include?


College and vocational school expenses by statute include tuition, room, board, books, and all  other expenses which the parents agree to, or the court finds necessary.  Transportation to and from the school, on- or off-campus living expenses and even medical insurance coverage are all considered part of a child’s reasonable expenses while attending college or university, and these expenses should be allocated between each parent.

What are the Requirements?


Students are required to maintain a “C” average in coursework while the parent has the continuing obligation to contribute to the student’s college expenses.  While the Illinois statute places a cap on tuition to the maximum of the cost of attendance at University of Illinois at the Urbana/Champaign campus, there are many other factors which should be considered. 


Some of the factors a Judge considers when allocating payment for college:


  • Did the child apply for financial aid, scholarships, loans and grants? 

  • Were there savings put aside for college expenses, and by which parent? 

  • Is the student able to financially contribute to any or to some of the college expenses?

How can I Plan for the Future Now?


College costs are rising every year, and having one – or more – children in college is daunting.  Incorporating the appropriate language into a divorce agreement now regarding future payment of college education expenses is important.  Knowing the legal nuances for college contribution, such as possible sources for payment of a child’s educational expenses, and how to address student loan debt, is critical.

Contact our Illinois Attorneys to Help you with your College Expense

Contact the attorneys of Ciesla Beeler for a reliable guide to navigate contribution to college education expenses.  Contact us today via email or call 847.868.1860 for your free consultation.

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