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Mediation as a Problem Solver


Divorce Mediation Lawyer in Chicago

How does Divorce Mediation work?

Mediation is a controlled and non-confrontational process that allows people involved in a family law dispute to talk about their issues in a structured environment. Based upon these discussions, parties can work to form an agreement that fits their unique family situation.


Mediation is different from hiring an attorney and appearing before a judge. The mediator is a neutral who does not make any judgment or decisions- he/she simply identifies the points of disagreement (i.e. child support, custody, finances) and works with the parties to negotiate solutions to those issues.

Which type of Mediation is right for you?


Ciesla Beeler offers two forms of mediation:


  • 3-Party (both spouses + mediator)

  • 5-party (both spouses + attorneys + mediator)

We also act as attorneys assisting and counselling parties through the mediation process.

We will work with you through every step of the process to help you decide which approach is best for you and your family situation.


Why choose mediation?


  • Very high success rate (when both parties are reasonable)

  • Less costly alternative

  • Gives couples the most control and flexibility over their issues

  • Helps divorcing couples and formerly married people communicate better

  • It's easier on you so it's easier on the kids

  • Even if you can't agree on everything, it limits the issues for the judge

What is Post Decree Mediation?

In cases involving children, a precursor to modifications is usually the requirement that parties mediate before returning to court.  We can help you determine whether you are required to mediate and assure that you fulfill that requirement so that you are fully compliant with existing court orders.

Schedule a consultation with a Divorce Mediator

At the law offices of Ciesla Beeler, we provide divorce mediation services for our clients by acting as mediators and attorneys helping clients through the divorce process.  Our attorneys are recognized throughout Illinois and are ready to meet with you to assess your case and provide sound legal strategies to address your situation.  Reach out today via email or call 847.868.1860 for your free consultation.

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