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Same Sex Divorce Illinois


June 26, 2015, was a breakthrough day.  The U.S. Supreme Court issued their ruling in the case of Obergefell v. Hodges.  While states had previously passed laws either permitting or penalizing same-sex marriage, the Court’s ruling with this historic case effectively struck down all state bans on same-sex marriage, and required states to honor all out-of-state marriage licenses.  Gay and lesbian couples could finally legally marry, and have all the state- and federal-granted rights of marriage.


But with same-sex marriage came same-sex divorce.  There are the same important questions in all divorces which need to be answered about financial support, which assets and debts were accumulated during the marriage, and how to equitably divide the marital estate.


LGBTQ divorce, however, may still have nuances which need critical legal attention.  Couples may have lived together for years prior to being married, and the assets accumulated during those years prior to the legal marriage have to be traced for what is marital, and what is pre-marital.  One spouse may have stayed at home to raise the children, or one spouse supported the other in building a career, and those years when legal marriage was not available do not fit neatly into a maintenance formula for support.  Natural born, surrogate, adoption and other parental contracts and agreements must be addressed when preparing parenting agreements.

Trust Our Same Sex Divorce Attorneys

Our attorneys have the experience and understanding necessary to ask the right questions, and address and defend our LGBTQ clients in all areas of divorce and parental rights.   Our attorneys are recognized throughout Illinois and are ready to meet with you to assess your case and provide sound legal strategies to address your situation.  Reach out today via email or call 847.868.1860 for your free consultation.

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