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Read about what Bunson is happiest doing when he's not working.

Image by okeykat
Hanging out at the beach with her dog friends
Dog Food
Image by Dominik QN

When Bunson isn't at the office, she's   ...

Pawfessional Experience

Henlo!  Bunsen Honeydew the Bernese Mountain Dog, also affectionately known as Bunsen Berner, or Bunny, makes an occasional appearance in the office.


She is diligently working on completing her Basic Obedience Skills class, having mastered “Sit,” “Shake paws,” and “Plotz” (lay down).  At 4 years of age, she is a fierce defender against squirrels, birds, and people with other dogs walking past her.


Bunsen enjoys the company of small children, especially those with readily accessible food in their hands.  In her spare time, she hangs out in the snow, romps through parks, and ignores any hooman who tells her to get off the bed.



  • DePaw University, Lake Bluff, Illinois - Puppy Training

  • Biscuit State University, Lake Bluff, Illinois - Advanced Dog Skills

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