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Social Media and Divorce - Be Careful!

You’re looking for a place to let off steam … You want to vent about your spouse … You get “tagged” in some fun ‘girls’ night out pics … Tweet, Update Your Status, Post Some Pics on Your Story – What’s the harm? Well, at best no harm, no foul, at worst, you could pour gas on the fire and even damage your case.

When you are going through a divorce, the first place your spouse is going to look to find out what you’re up to is likely to be social media. Who needs a private detective when you can search the internet to see who your partner’s friends are, where he’s been, who posts on his page, whose page he posts on and more.

If you are going through a divorce, it’s time to reconsider your web presence or to check out what’s going on in your spouse’s world.

Want to play it safe? Cancel your social media accounts and monitor what is posted about you. And by all means – watch what your friends post – no group shots, be the photographer.

If you are going to maintain that social media presence, review your privacy settings and figure out what people can see, including your friends. And turn off all location finders – trust me – some spouses become consumed with the other’s activities. Be mindful of how you can be tracked.

Last, but not least, change your passwords and enable a two step authentication process for signing into your social media accounts. This means that in order for anyone to sign into your account, not only must the password be entered, but you must enter a random code generated by the site which is sent to a secure device, such as your cell phone. Without this code, your account cannot be accessed, even if someone knows or discovers your passwords.


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